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There is just so much "noise" out there about commercial real estate and commercial real estate "training". This website is designed to cut through all the B.S. and give you, the agent the real deal. Not theory, conjecture, or what we think will work but what actually does. Information gleaned over 40 years and used each and every day in the field by me and my staff and students. 

We're not subject matter experts cranking out courses in the basement of corporate America we are brokers...just like you. We face the same challenges that you do on a daily basis and we share that information with you. 

Here's something refreshing...we don't always get it right...sometimes the best laid schemes of mice and men” blows up on us. We'll share that with you too...hopefully you can learn from our mistakes...and hopefully you'll share with us your victory story.

Adam P. Von Romer, CCIM

Author, speaker, seminar leader, broker.

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